What Are Free Spins

When it comes to online casinos games, free spins and coins feature prominently. These games have a simple gameplay — spin the slot machine and the action will be initiated. There are several ways you can win when playing free spins and coins. You can do so through attacking other players' territories, earning coins, raiding player stashes or defending your base to reduce the impact of attacks. These games are exciting to play and are available on popular online casinos like . Free spin is a straightforward gameplay, it won't take you long before you master it. There are ways you can improve your skills.

What are the Essentials of Free Spins?

One of the most common games that uses free spins and coins is Coin Master. This game starts with a short tutorial that introduces players to the basic controls and mechanics, giving them the green light to start playing whenever they are ready. Even thou the game has a simple and straightforward gameplay, there are some vital aspects that amateur players should know. Everything about this game revolves around earning coins. There three ways through which a player can earn coins in this game. All of them revolve around spins and coins. A player should know when to attack and when to shield.

You can attack other players' bases and win coins. Raiding other bases is another way you can earn coins. For any of these actions to occur, a player must spin the slot machine. The slot machine is essentially the platform through which players perform all these actions. All players spend much of the time on the slot machine screen. But how can you access the slot machine? You can do so by opening the in-game menu and clicking on it. Alternatively, you can simply swipe down from homescreen view. You can see the number of available spins at the bottom of the slot machine.

How to Free Spins Work?

When playing free spins, the number of spins goes down by one each time you spin. When you have run out of spins, you will have to wait for a few minutes while they regenerate. In Coin Master, the slot machine has four reels with four distinct symbols. When a player manages to hit four similarly symbols in a row, they are permitted to perform what the symbol says. The challenging part of this game is hitting four similar symbols in a row. It needs a sizeable amount of luck. In free spins, there four symbols. They include:

  • A bag of coin.
  • A pig bandit.
  • A hammer.

When you get a hammer, you have an opportunity to attack another player's base. It is even better for players that have linked their Facebook account to Coin Master. If you have linked your account, you can choose a friend to attack. If you haven't, the game randomly picks a player. In this situation, the players' base appears on your screen and asks you which side you wish to attack. If the attack is successful, you account will be credited with coins. This is the most common, and actually, the most trusted method players use to earn money on Coin Master.

What is the Most Common Game Symbol?

In Coin Master, one of the most common game symbols is the pig bandit. It is characterized by a picture of pig wearing a bandit mask. When a player hits four of these symbols in a row, they are free to perform a raid. The main difference between raids and attacks is that with raids, you can't choose a target. So, how do you know the target of your raid? Just above the slot machine, there is a picture and name of your target. At the beginning of the raid, you are taken to the target's base and given tools to attack with.